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Tripp and Tatti Miller

Tripp and Tatti Miller

With the three finger rule of setting up mats in a crowded Baptiste class, Tripp’s (yes, his name is Tripp—like falling down, with two p’s the second one is silent!) profuse sweat dripped all over Tatiana’s mat and that is where it all began. The mat is where they practice and try to remember that everyday is a new beginning, a second chance, and a place of forgiveness.

Although they come from completely different backgrounds (her Mexico City, him local Texan) Tripp and Tatiana have found commonality in the practice and teaching of Yoga. Both came to Yoga as a way to deal with tough life situations. To survive, Tripp threw himself into Yoga and deep self-introspection. He says “Yoga saved my life. I want to help you save yours.” Tatiana turned to Yoga as an antidote to grief after her sister was killed. “Yoga became a therapeutic refuge for me and for Tripp,” she says.

With the sweat drops came a friendship that eventually ended in a marriage of two cultures, two ways of viewing yoga, and two different approaches to life. As they explored their varying perspectives and faced the challenges of society’s sometimes limiting beliefs, they always found solace in their practice and used yoga as a way to work through the difficulties life brought their way. Tripp and Tatti knew they had to take their passion and this real life experience, to others.

"Transitions...Exploring Yoga's In-between Spaces" - 75 Minute Workshop

Saturday May 11th • 5:30 - 6:45 pm

Feeling stuck? Come see us for a push! Jump through, jump back, jump into your self, and come play with us as we guide you through the wide world of yoga transitions. Wanna work on your jump-throughs, practice drop-backs, gain a little hang-time in your hand stand? Wanna learn a few simple tricks that will make your arm-balances seem ever so effortless? Or maybe you just wanna flow, rinse, detox, and simply watch in awe as your fellow yogis float through their new found freedom...this workshop is for you! You have spent much time learning and practicing the yoga poses, come learn and practice what lies between the poses.

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