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Signe Wendt

Signe Wendt

Preferring to take the road less traveled, Signe did not find that yoga drew her to spirituality but the other way around. People come to yoga for lots of reasons but Signe feels strongly that yoga came to her as it will come to anyone who gets still enough to hear. To not teach yoga and learn and practice and pray on the mat is the same as not breathing and living for her. Completing a 200hour yoga certification with YogaYoga is of course just the beginning for a lifetime student. Signe has gone on to study Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini and regularly places herself under amazing local teachers in the seat of student. But it is a deep wellspring of a consistent personal practice that is her inspiration for most teaching and living.

It was an 18 year career in body work (massage and craniosacral) that connected Signe to the well of compassion she has for the human form, body and spirit. In her classes you may find yourself in a sweaty flow or a contemplative pose but in either scenario you will hopefully find yourself connecting to your body with compassion and joy. Signe’s goals for her yoga classes are to not set goals but to allow the class to blossom to find joy in movement and to maybe rock out to a few fun tunes.

To Signe, yoga is a tool box filled with tools to connect us to our highest and best selves and when we get a workout or a revelation while we’re doing it, all the better. In her off time Signe likes to cook and hike and play with her perfect dog, her naughty cat and her wonderful husband of 18 years.

"Quiet Mind Big Heart" - 2 Hour Workshop

Saturday May 11th • 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

In this sweet slow flow we will add lots of pranayama (breathwork) and a few simple meditations to quiet the mind. For it is when the mind becomes still that the present moment reveals itself and it is in the present moment that the hear finds the courage to open. The physical flow will include small gentle precisely aligned backbends for it is within the boundries of alignment that our bodies begin to surrender to opening.  When the mind is quiet and the heart is open the spirit emerges and we flow into Grace.

Lineage Hatha Flow

All Levels some experience Recommened


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