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Randall Cauley

Randall Cauley

Randall is a Dharma Yoga certified instructor (CYT 300) with over 350 hours of education and training. As a Dharma Yoga instructor, Randall’s approach to yoga is a pragmatic and mindful approach to the tradition. “Let go of false expectations. The only yoga you will find of any use at all is the one where you meet yourself on the mat, right where you are, just as you are. This is the surest way to accelerate learning and growth.”

His style has been described as “eclectic, playful and compassionate.” His teaching is informed by explorations in Anusara, Dharma Yoga, Vinyasa Krama, Astanga, Bikram, Viniyoga, Thai Massage and Yin Yoga.

“My teaching style is to guide and instruct, and to get out of the way. Self-discovery and curiosity are great teachers. Through an active and persistent engagement with these practices, we reveal a light within, which is our greatest teacher. With the right guidance, we locate the Guru inside. As a teacher, and student, of yoga, my approach is in line with what W B Yeats says about learning: [It’s] ‘not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’”

Randall is passionate about the profound benefits of yoga for body, mind, and heart. “The fruit of yoga is clarity and compassion. In the yogic arts, we cultivate presence through breath, awareness, and mindfulness to more fully engage the energy within and around us.”

“On this path no effort is wasted, no gain is ever reversed; even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow.” (BG II.40)

" Samyama: The Yoga of Presence (Coming Home to the Self through Breath, Awareness, Intention)" - Workshop

Sunday May 12th • 3:00 - 5:00 pm

The Yoga of Presence arises from Breath, Awareness, and Intention, and these three bring clarity. Samyama is the movement and state of Awareness back and forth through three states of mind: Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. The “upper limbs” of yoga are accessible to us both in our practice of yoga and in our daily lives as part of mindful experience. Awareness and the object of awareness shine forth as we dissolve the interference from our sense of separation. We can witness these status of mind within the practice of Yoga. Attuning breath and mind as the full expression of the practice – combining mudra, mantra, pranayama, and nada (sound) with asana creates a steady steed, our vehicle for the inward journey, the longest journey, from the head to the heart. Layering awareness through focused attention, we tether consciousness to the body through the breath and focused awareness (dharana), and expand this awareness by locating ourselves within and without through creativity and connection (dhyana). Moving fluidly from single-pointed consciousness to more diffuse and inclusive awareness ushers us into a sense of divine play. The marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine as we ground the body to rise and enter the flow of consciousness brings us steadily and sweetly to a place where we meet ourselves as Self, Other, All.

The Journey Within through layering Breath, Awareness, and Intention is a process is an invitation to unite body, mind, spirit as we take shelter in the cave of the heart, and gaze out from that prayer niche, the banner of Self over us, steady & at ease, into an existence that is mirrored on the lake of the mind. Yoga brings clarity when we unite ourselves under the banner of mindfulness with these technologies of embodied wisdom. Shamanic meditation practices, combined with tantra flow yoga & bhakti chants help expand traditional practice of yoga. We will use postures (asana) as a seat for the mind and a vehicle for expanding presence, along with gestures (mudra), chanting and seed sounds (bija mantra), and music (nada, the yoga of sound).

Presenters: Randall Cauley (Dharma Yoga CYT 300) with special guests Raj Mani (drummer for Bhagavan Das) & David Rosenblad (of Mmm Yesss)

Raj Mani (Gypsy)
~*~ As a drummer , Raj Mani has performed with Suzanne Sterling, Durga Das (David Newman), Dave Stringer, The Bhakti House Band, Rudra Das, and presently plays with Baba Bhagavan Das & Kali. He has recorded with Prema Shakti (with Shanti Webb). Raj Mani is an initiate of Shankaracharya in the Mahashakti tradition along with his personal ascended guru, Neem Karoli Baba or Neeb Karori Baba, also known to followers as Maharajii, in deep Siva ~*~

David Rosenblad
David (currently, of Mmm Yesss) was founding member of Shabd’Artha (The Sound and the Meaning) and has played kirtan for Texas Yoga Conference, Sedona Yoga Festival, Breakfast Yoga Club, and created live music accompaniment for asana in studios across the state. For more information, offerings, or to listen in:

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