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Mindy Caplan

Mindy Caplan

Mindy Caplan currently resides in Austin, TX after living
in Albuquerque, NM for most of her life. A teacher of Yoga
and Group Fitness since 1984 she also owned a Personal
Training business for 17 years. Mindy currently serves on two committees for the American College of Sports Medicine, The
Personal Trainers Certification Board and the Summit Board.
She has taught at various resorts throughout the Caribbean as well as traveled to many countries on five of the seven continents
practicing with numerous international instructors.  Her next
adventure is leading a yoga trip to exotic Morocco in October!

Her Yoga classes generally focus on alignment and strength but she teaches a wide variety of classes encouraging her students to be mindful of their bodies and breath, and reminding her students that "Yoga is a practice, not a perfect".  Mindy brings an element of Personal Training to her classes and enjoys Yoga because of the strength and precision aspects of the practice.  She holds certifications as a Health Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, certified Health Fitness Specialist, and is advanced certified to teach Yoga.   "Mindy has a talent for articulating the best way to get into (and out of) a pose", says one of her students who is an instructor herself.

"Back to the Basics - Beginning/Intermediate" - Workshop

Sunday May 12th • 10:00 am - 11:30 pm

"Back to the Basics" will offer gentle alignment reminders to help keep your yoga practice safe and effective. This class will sharpen skills for beginners as well as more advanced yogi's. Alignment cues be given to help prevent injury, proper execution of the poses will be practiced, the session will end with a few restorative poses, and participants will leave feeling stronger and more relaxed.

Lineage: Hatha

Level: Beginning/Intermediate


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