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Mike Matsumura

Mike Matsumura

Mike Matsumura - In March of 2002, Mike walked into a yoga center in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan wanting to get into an exercise class. That yoga center was Jivamukti Yoga Center.

He didn't know exactly what he was getting himself into but he thought it would be a great place for light stretching and a workout. What the class had for him was nothing he had ever experienced in his life.

At first, everyone just sat there and the yoga instructor started preaching some stuff that he didn't understand at all, and then the class started chanting the word "Om." He was confused and initially, he didn't like it at all. He didn't know anything about yoga, meditation, chanting, or spirituality. At first, he was turned off by this chanting and meditation stuff. He felt it was not his thing but kept doing it anyway.

He tried to keep an open mind and then he started to understand it little by little. "If you allow yourself, you can learn anything and everything from anyone and everyone." That was the beginning of his Yogic Path. In 2004, Mike met his guru (teacher), Sri Dharma Mittra, with whom he studied in NYC at Dharma Yoga Center. Mike eventually became a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 hour advanced certified teacher in Dharma Yoga Level 1-3 and also became initiated as one of Sri Dharma Mittra's disciples right before he left NYC for Colorado Springs to be with his wife. Sri Dharma Mittra gave Mike the Sanskrit name "Sadhu Om," which means the righteous and holy. Mike is constantly continuing on his yogic journey , keeping his teachers and their teachings with him along the way. Besides working on this yogic path, Mike also practices being a vegetarian. Mike currently teaches at Pranava Yoga Center, Samadhi Center for Yoga in Denver and presents workshops in Colorado.

More on a personal side, while Mike grew up mostly in Northern New Jersey and in New York City, he was born just outside of Tokyo, Japan and lived there until he was 7 years old. Mike’s first job was dish washing at a restaurant at the age of 12 where his father once managed. Through his teens and young adulthood, Mike worked as a dishwasher, a bus-boy cleaning tables, restaurant server, hotel bell staff, hotel front desk clerk, and bartender. He later worked as a property manager and personal assistant for a well known celebrity for 16 yrs before moving to Colorado. During this period, Mike also had a career in theater as a stage actor in New York City performing in Off-Off Broadway plays; he is a lifetime member of the worldly renowned, The Actors Studio and the Screen Actors’ Guild.

Before opening Pranava Yoga Center with his wife Charlotte. Mike worked at the Broadmoor Hotel working in the room service department for a short period.

Since residing in Colorado, Mike has been very involved with the Colorado yoga community. He was guest teacher for the events Spark The Fire in Denver, Yoga Rocks the Park in '09 and '10, Yoga Rocks Mountain Fest ’09 at Lyons and '10 in Snowmass, Colorado, and Friday Night Yoga Club in Denver. Mike will be one of the presenters for Telluride Yoga Festival in July 2012. Mike “Sadhu Om” Matsumura is the Cofounder of Pranava Yoga Center in Colorado Springs. Mike enjoys helping everyone to find their own teacher inside their heart. Mike is also the ambassador for Manduka Yoga Mat.

Mike featured in Om Yoga Magazine

Dharma (Mittra) Yoga – Hatha-Raja Yoga - Workshop

Saturday May 11th • 12:30 - 2:30 pm

Dharma Yoga practice builds on the fundamentals of Sri Dharma Mittra, and is designed for those wishing to advance in their practice. Students will practice Dharma Mittra Yoga Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa, igniting the entire body for practice. A series of deeper balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and inverted variations will be worked on. This workshop will consist of Pranayama (breathing), Asana (postures), and Dhyana (meditation). This class is also geared towards challenging and vigorous asana practice. Class is suited for intermediate through advanced practitioners, but can be modified for intermediate-advanced beginners.

 What you can expect in this workshop:

• A strong warm-up using a Dharma Yoga. It will prepare you to open, stretch, and synchronize body areas required for inversions.
• Numerous inversions
• Variations and modifications of the practice
• Freedom to take your practice to your highest level while you listen to your body
• Pranayama and meditation will also be included.

Appropriate for:
Intermediate-Advanced Beginners
Advanced Practitioners
Yoga Teachers

Om Om Baby, Let's Kick It! Word To Your Mother('s Day)!

Sunday May 12th • 12:30 - 2:30 pm

What is Om Om Baby Yoga? One word: Fun! The focus of this workshop is having a good time while practicing yoga asana! This practice is all about Ananda (Joy) and Vairagya (Non-attachment). With putting a little extra fun and creative freedom into your spiritual practice, you will be surprised at what you are capable of achieving. This workshop will encourage some lightening-up on your path towards enlightenment! (Inspired by Sri Vanilla Ice. :))

What you can expect in this workshop:
• We will move through a fun, but challenging sequence.
• Pranayama (breathing exercises) will be included.
• We'll also explore some fun variations of poses, while still keeping it light-hearted.
• To add to the light-hearted theme, traditional yoga chants and not-so yogic, but really fun music will be incorporated.
• Ending in meditation is a must.

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