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Erinn Lewis

Erinn Lewis

Local Austin favorite, Erinn Lewis applies yoga philosophy, alignment, artistic expression, mindfulness, and dynamic sequencing into a fresh and contemporary experience.
She aspires to validate that which is already inside of each of us… the ability to transform and arrive in the goodness that is our true nature. Erinn's classes incorporate over 4,000 hours and 12 years of global teaching experience with humor, contemplation, and a dose of good for your soul sweat.

She thrives as a student and is honored to be part of the incredible austin yoga community.

She is most recently influenced by Dharma Yoga's Keith Kachtick & Camilla Figueroa, the stellar Christina Sell, the writings of Stephen Cope and Anne Lamott, and the many spectacular students that share their practice with her each week.

Erinn is a current Ambassador for Lululemon, is the spearhead a yoga for fostercare pilot program, and looks forward to sharing the blessings and adventures of the practice with you!
Welcome home… let your life shine bright...  Body, Mind and Spirit.

To learn more about Erinn please visit

"Wild Lotus Flow" - 1 Hour Class

Sunday May 12th • 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Take a 1-hour adventure packed with yoga mythology, intelligent alignment, artistic expression, mindfulness, and dynamic sequencing. You will leave refreshed with a quiet buzz, a lightened heart and a deeper, sweeter connection to the intuitive place within. Will include dynamic vinyasa flow, clear alignment cues, detoxifying twists, energizing and accessible backbends, calming and restoring forward bends.

Bring a yourself, an open mind, and a friend to share the experience!

Vinyasa flow / Freestyle

Level: Intermediate


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