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DJ Drez

DJ Drez

Drez blends yesterday’s roots with the innovative urban beats of today. His accomplishments during his gradual evolution from Hip Hop DJ to World Music Taste Maker have made him one of the top DJs and producers in LA’s eclectic music scene. When he isn’t in the studio producing, spinning at an underground Hip Hop club or jamming with local artists in impromptu late night sessions, you might find him on his mat. Drez is a certified yoga instructor who teaches privately in Los Angeles and spends time helping fellow musicians with their yoga practice at home and when away on tour.

Drez’ unique talents are highly in demand at local yoga classes as well as yoga retreats and world music festivals from Europe to Asia. His trailblazing, genre-bending body of work has been documented in magazines ranging from The Source to Yoga Journal.

Yoga Rave - The Rhythm of Yoga & Ritual of Groove

Saturday May 11th • 6:30 pm

This ritual is designed to wake up the body, clear the mind, and free the spirit.

The practice begins with a grounded vinyasa sequence deeply rooted in connection with the breath. Then, in co-creation with Kyra & DJ Drez, the practice builds into a conscious unfolding of free-form movement and creative energy. Guided by the music and our combined energy, we dance into amplified bliss! This is a celebration of spirit, vitality and present moment inspiration. We then come full circle and gently move back towards grounding, stillness and a sweet savasana.


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