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Claudia Castro and Thomas Leverette

Claudia Castro & Thomas Leverett

Thomas and Claudia believe that all people have the capacity to tap into their sacred selves and find real freedom. Understanding this Truth they fill their classes with the motivation and space to allow people to explore their inner world while finding strength, fluidity, and resilience in their outer world. Having known each other since kindergarten and being in the middle of their life long love affair since 7th grade, these two invite you into their world of love and acceptance.

Thomas and Claudia run and teach at their own yoga and fitness studio in Austin, TX - Del Sol

They have studied in depth vegetarian and vegan cooking and offer personalized classes, lectures, and retreats on Vegan cooking, Yoga, Kung Fu and Qigong. Thomas is a 16 year practitioner and Master instructor of 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu. They are Best selling co- authors of 3 Steps to Your Best Body, specifically writing on "Fitness with Soul- Offering the Fruits of Your Actions to a Higher Purpose". Both have studied yoga under the guidance of Jonny Kest and feel blessed to lead yoga teacher trainings in Austin, TX.

Fostering Seva and facilitating transformation inside and abroad for more info see and learn more about opportunities to give Seva, selfless service, and do yoga in Nicaragua this Summer

"Our Issues are in our tissues..Lets Dive on ~ Yin..." - 1 Hour Class

Saturday May 11th • 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

After a full day of faster paced classes, now take time to restore your vital energies and dive on in. The yogi's believe that the only way out is by going in. And that most of our issues lie in our tissues. If we allow ourselves stillness amidst the motion, we invite moments of true restoration. In yin yoga, we pause, take deep breaths and get out of our own way, free of using any muscular energy or tension, we are then able to surrender into our connective tissue. What happens if we dont use our muscles, they atrophy, what happens if we dont tap into the connective tissues, they harden and tighten up. So we explore in these moments a great unfolding and letting ourselves dive deep, beneath the surface of our thoughts...

Lineage: Yin

Level: All Levels


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