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Bea Love

Bea Love

Bea Love founded Bea Love Yoga inspired by over 15 years practice on the mat and in- depth studies with international yoga masters. She widely shares her yogic inspirations and has been featured in "Leaders Who Inspire" by Origin Magazine. Bea Love also serves as an international yoga teacher, speaker and consultant.

Bea Love’s exclusive Enchanted Yoga retreats brings her inspirations and expertise to individuals, couples and small group adventurers that desire to explore yoga practice amidst international destinations of natural beauty and enduring power. Retreat attendees enjoy luxurious accommodations and amenities around the world seasonally and by scheduled appointment for exclusively designed events.

Bea Love’s yoga expertise combines nurturing of the mind, body, and spirit through self- compassion and delivery of proven foundation practices common to many styles of yoga for practitioners of all levels. Bea Love maintains her private practice in Austin, Texas.

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"Seeking the Ancient Sound" - 2 Hour Workshop

Sunday May 12th • 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Celebrate finding your bliss in the essence of yoga with Bea Love and Special Guests, Mmm Yesss. Prepare to dive into this transformative workshop that will bring awareness to the heart chakra through Anahata Nada (the unstruck sound behind the sound*). Bea Love and guests will guide students through asana, chant, kirtan and meditation to experience a deeper concentration with the heart center that cultivates enlightenment of the mind. This transformative session ends with live kirtan to awaken the fullness of your heart in harmony with the primordial sound of the universe within--priceless!

*Students will have opportunity to feel and hear the all-connecting, multi-sound of the universe through the timeless enchantment of AUM and kirtan resonating with them.

Intensity level of class: Level 5 Moderately Active (1 = lecture...10 = power yoga)

Composition of class:
50 % of class that is asana
10 % of class that is lecture
20 % of class that is meditation (one-pointed concentration)
40 % of class that is chant and kirtan (harmonic voice, music and singing)

Hand-outs will be provided to all attendees

All Level Some Experience Recommended


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