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Amy Pancake

Amy Pancake

Amy Pancake was first introduced to yoga in 1992 while studying Vipassana meditation at Wat Suan Mokkh Buddhist monastery in Thailand. She has been practicing yoga daily since 1998, and has taught over 6,000 yoga classes since 2002. She enjoys teaching several different styles of yoga, including hatha, toddler & kids yoga, and restorative yoga. She completed advanced yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest (July 2006) and has been exploring Continuum Movement since 2006.

She has also studied Applied Kinesiology at The University of Texas to broaden her study of movement science. In addition to yoga, she teaches classes in organic movement. Her main focus is on developing internal awareness and softening obstacles to natural, integrated movement, working with subtle spinal movement, breath, and sound.

Workshop - Organic Movement for Awakening the Spine

Saturday May 11th • 3:00 - 5:00 pm

In this workshop we'll learn how to access the vital source of strength and buoyancy represented by the midline of the body: the spine. Learn how to use organ support and organic movement instead of moving exclusively from the bones and muscles. Becoming aware of subtle movement in the spine and how it cues other movement in the body is a doorway into increased inner awareness. Moving from the spine creates beautiful grace and ease in your poses and transitions.

The goal is to totally personalize your movement every day, in any activity - yoga asana, sport, rolling out of bed, healing back pain, and more. We'll move through techniques to heighten physical awareness in order to move instinctively, gracefully, and in a more integrated way.

Using breath, movement and self-pacing we'll move from the subtle movement present in stillness into more pronounced, intentional movement, using yoga postures. This type of movement awareness refreshes, rejuvenates, and can also help to encourage healing in injured or over-used areas of your body. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of student and yoga teacher looking for new dimensions of support and subtlety in movement and deepened sensory awareness.

Note: this is a movement workshop but the intensity level will be relatively low as we explore new movement territory.

Forrest Yoga, Continuum Movement

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