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Amanda Green

Amanda Green

Amanda strives to foster the beautiful practices of mindful breath, healthy alignment and giving voice to the inner-teacher.

Her classes are a blend of the yogic ideas of sukham sthiram, steadiness and comfort, giving time to build strength and flexibility in each class. She encourages her students to practice in a way that is safe, satisfying and nurturing for the body, spirit and mind.

Amanda's Yoga blog

"Spiral Sensation" - 2 Hour Workshop

Saturday May 11th • 4:30 - 6:30 pm

In nature, energy seems to be dispersed or concentrated through spiral movement rather than a straight or circular motion. In this workshop, we will bring the spiraling nature of our organs, skeleton and breath to familiar yoga Asana and we will play with the spiraling structure of the spine as we explore the body puzzles of Steve Paxton from the world of Contact Improvisation. Coiling, releasing and maintaining energy in this way can bring new movement options to our practice. Come check it out!

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