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Chris P.

Alyson Shabad Atma Simms

Alyson Simms (Shabad Atma) was introduced to yoga as a way of making a positive change in her own life. Her courage, intuition, and desire to live a deeper life led her to her first class in 2001. This initiation into into yoga ignited her True Self and from that point on, she began her personal dedication and journey to live a devoted life.

For many years, studied various facets of a spiritual path: hatha, vinyasa, tantra, ashtanga, restorative, zen mediation, qi-gong, yoga nidra, trance dance, and some good old fashioned sitting quietly on the floor. It was Kundalini Yoga that became her platform to start teaching.

Alyson is a true teacher, having taught English for many years before transitioning into the role of a spiritual yoga teacher. She earned her 200 E-RYT certification and is currently studying for her 500-hour level certification. In the last 10 years, her journey has taken her around the world to practice, study, and teach yoga.

Remaining strong in her foundation and staying tuned in with the evolution of personal growth, Alyson always brings fresh energy to her teaching. Embodying the whole aspect of being human, she is able to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the earthly realms. Her classes are powerful, fluid and fulfilling to the soul. You can expect Alyson's classes to be infused with an intensity of spirit, sacred space, gentle humor, real life experiences, and some yummy Shakti coziness. She encourages her students to live their highest potential with courage and loving kindness. Students are often at times shown a mirror and pushed to their edge with compassion, love, and curiosity, all the while being reminded to laugh.

Alyson has always carried healing energy in her hands. She has studied with numerous healing teachers since 2005, including Liliana Barzola, Vanessa Stone, Francis the Healer, Guru Dev Singh, and Mother Nature herself. She has her Level 1 certification in Sat Nam Rasayan, the healing modality of Kundalini Yoga, Thai Massage license and numerous other healing modalities.

Her other interests include world traveling, ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, healing stones, photography, and creating community through business and healing groups. Her business, Atma Imports,, supplies genuine Indian malas and other tools to those wishing to deepen on their path.

Creative Vitality and the Second Chakra - Workshop

Saturday May 11th • 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Come join in this women-only class as we recharge and restore our bodies, minds and spirits. We will start with a strong kundalini yoga set to release any tension and to balance the sacred pelvic structure. We will tap into the essence of being a woman and explore this powerful, graceful energy as it relates to the 2nd chakra: The dwelling place of the self and its creative abilities. Lovingly reclaim your sexual, creative vitality in order to live your Truth and serve your soul. The class will end with a sweet, deep relaxation.


All Levels Welcome


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